Who’s Gonna Win the Million??


America’s Got Talent 2015 -Finale TONIGHT!!

Of all the reality ‘talent’ shows, AGT is one of my favorites.  The variety of performances is always entertaining – but it’s the backstory of each performer that draws me in.

I spoke with 5 of tonight’s finalist and I’m rooting for each and everyone one of them!

Who would you like to see win?


AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- New Jersey Auditions -- Pictured: Benton Blount -- (Photo by: Eric Liebowitz/NBC)

Benton Blount – stay-at-home Dad by day & singer-songwriter by night. Passion, honesty and heart – LOVE listening to Benton!


CraigLewisCraigLewis Band – These souful, passionate, powerful and energetic singers have faced many difficulties on their musical journey! True inspirations!


DerekDerek Hughes – SO funny and his magic is mind-blowing!! Good luck, Derek!!




Oz Pearlman calls himself a ‘mentalist’, some would argue he’s psychic.  He’s incredibly talented and stumps me everytime!  HOW DOES HE DO IT???



Drew Lynch – I LOVE this kid!  So does my mom, she would like to adopt him! 🙂 His story is so inspiring and his humor is hilarious! Good Luck Drew!



Back 2 School!!

Can you hear that sound..??  It’s the sound of parents everywhere rejoicing! September = Back-to-School!!


Back-to-School shopping can be the perfect opportunity to teach our kids a few essentials about financial responsibility – Emmy Award Winning Journalist & Consumer Expert Claudia Lombana shares budge tips!


Back-to-School also means getting back to your morning routine! That first month can leave you feeling overwhelmed!  TLC Host, Ereka Vetrini shares her Back-to-School Survival Guide!










NBC’s Food Fighters – Nadia G Guest Stars

Pom-poms vs 3-inch cherry stilettos!

Married stay-at-home mother of one & former 49ers NFL cheerleader takes on Celebrity Chef Nadia G tonight on Food Fighters. The competition is real people, don’t let the lipstick and heals fool you!


Nadia G talks Food Fighters – tonight on NBC 8pm PT



America’s Got Talent meets Caravan of Glam!

AGT fans!!  Did you see Caravan of Glam Tuesday night?


Did they or didn’t they? Listen below and find out!

Congratulations! I absolutely adore you, Justin Buckles, Ecstacy Inferno, Jayla Rose Sullivan, Isaiah Tillman and Johnny Nuriel – BIG BIG things are coming your way!  Keep spreading the love!  www.caravanofglam.com

AGT meets Caravan of Glam – watch it here!


“America’s Love Guru” – Tziporah Kingsbury

Did you watch the February 2nd episode of ABC’ s hit show The Bachelor?

Did you see how Tziporah Kingsbury, international expert on love and intimacy, worked to awaken intimacy between Chris and Carly?

Not only was it an awkward experience for Chris and Carly, but for us the viewer as well.  But…why?  Why does love, intimacy and romance make us squirm?

Tziporah explains…





Hey Ralphie! Welcome to Bend!

Just to clarify…those people gathered outside the Tower Theatre with signs, torches and pitchforks are really, really pissed off you’ve come to town.

Sorry, Dude.

On the bright side…hopefully, Bend will have provided you with  some new material for all the world to hear!  You are welcome!

I talked with Ralphie 3 days before his arrival in Bend ~