Daniel Monroe, Psychic Medium

Daniel_PicI LOVE all things spirit!  I also believe that we all have the ability to connect with spirit, our guides, and our departed loved ones.

Really. I do.  Ask, listen and be open to receive.  It’s really that simple.

I have had the pleasure of either being in the presence of, receiving a reading from and/or interviewing the following Psychic Mediums:

  • John Edward
  • Karen Kassy
  • Mariah Crawford
  • Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry
  • Maryann Dimarco
  • Laura Lynne Jackson
  • Judith Orloff

Daniel Monroe, Psychic Medium is another name I’m honored to add to this list of phenomenal individuals!  Daniel Monroe is AH-mazing!  Located in the Portland/Vancouver area, Daniel Monroe is a gifted young psychic who has helped hundreds of individuals connect with their departed loved ones, as well as to also guide us to connect with our higher selves and embrace our true calling.  I’ve had a couple readings with Daniel and he’s blown me away each time – he’s the real deal all wrapped up in a loving and beautiful soul!

Daniel and I sat down recently to talk all things spirit…