A Child’s View of Christmas

During the holiday season, there’s nothing more heartwarming than to hear a child’s view of Christmas.  As adults, we cannot help but think back to our own innocent days.

A few of our younger Santa experts weighed on the magic of Christmas ~

Brothers, Van (9) and Nash (6)


Genevieve (4 yrs)


Merry Christmas!  May the magic and innocence of the season stay with you forever!

Beware of Scam Charities This Holiday Season



There’s nothing like a Christmas charity scam to sour your holiday spirit.

Before you make that charitable donation, Ellen Klem, Director of Consumer Outreach & Education, Oregon Department of Justice, shares some basic advice.


If you have concerns about a solicitation, please  file a complaint online or call the Charitable Activities Section at (971) 673-1880.

Oregon Dept of Justice Tips for Charitable Giving