How to Beat Holiday Stress? Move Your Body.

Sometimes the best remedy to beat holiday stress is to move your body; dance, take a walk, go to the gym. And sometimes the best remedy to beat holiday stress is to give yourself a time out;  find a quiet place to sit, be still and just breathe, take a day just for you to renew and recharge your mind, body and spirit.


Kyle Will, owner of WillPower Training Studio, offers valuable advice to stay mentally and physically healthy during the yuletide season!




** You should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise, supplementation or medication program. If you have a health concern of any kind consult with your health care professional.





Rural Oregon Responds to White Supremacy

“    …and here’s why they cannot penetrate with their hate in Grant County; I see that the wonderful forest men and women, and loggers, the farmers, the educators, the religious community, the business community, labor, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, what you’ve all done… is you’ve spoken as one voice and there is no way that hate can penetrate that kind of unity and you will win. “

– Tony Stewart, Professor of Political Science


On February 26th, 2010, the residents of Grant County, Oregon turned out in force to send a message to a white supremacist group, Stay out.

The people of Grant County came together, they united as one voice and they won. Hate is not welcome in Grant County.


Grant County, Oregon, is a small rural community  located in Eastern Oregon –

74% Republican | 17% Democrat

Population 7158 | 94.5% White

Median Household Income $38,046

16% in poverty


I was one of the 375 people that packed the hall that morning, approximately 100 more people were turned away at the door because of fire code restrictions, about 300 more watched a live stream on the internet.

Sitting next to a couple of local residents I asked them how they felt about the white supremacist group that was looking to relocate their headquarters in John Day…



Speakers Norman Gissel, Attorney (Coeur d’Alene) and Tony Stewart, Civil Rights Activist (Coeur d’Alene), offered encouragement and advice. The pair have battled neo-Nazi groups for 29 years and helped win a landmark judgment in 2000 against Idaho’s original Aryan Nations, leading to the group’s downfall.


Tony Stewart’s opening remarks…


Norman Gisell’s opening remarks…


Norman Gisell talks about the core beliefs of the Aryan Nation…



‘I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality… I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word.’

                              – Martin Luther King Jr.



Meet Rob Landis, A Trans Man in Central Oregon

Rob Mikael, born Robyn Marie, is one face of Central Oregon’s transgender community.

Rob, admittedly, is an ‘open book’; refreshingly authentic with an incredible sense of humor and sense of self.
Rob shares his story, his journey as a trans man in a rural community.





Part One


Part Two


To learn more about Rob, visit his YouTube Channel…

Daniel Monroe, Psychic Medium

Daniel_PicI LOVE all things spirit!  I also believe that we all have the ability to connect with spirit, our guides, and our departed loved ones.

Really. I do.  Ask, listen and be open to receive.  It’s really that simple.

I have had the pleasure of either being in the presence of, receiving a reading from and/or interviewing the following Psychic Mediums:

  • John Edward
  • Karen Kassy
  • Mariah Crawford
  • Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry
  • Maryann Dimarco
  • Laura Lynne Jackson
  • Judith Orloff

Daniel Monroe, Psychic Medium is another name I’m honored to add to this list of phenomenal individuals!  Daniel Monroe is AH-mazing!  Located in the Portland/Vancouver area, Daniel Monroe is a gifted young psychic who has helped hundreds of individuals connect with their departed loved ones, as well as to also guide us to connect with our higher selves and embrace our true calling.  I’ve had a couple readings with Daniel and he’s blown me away each time – he’s the real deal all wrapped up in a loving and beautiful soul!

Daniel and I sat down recently to talk all things spirit…





If you think that Russia’s fake news invasion of our election was a first, guess again…

Russia Disinformation Expert, Vera Zakem tell us:

– How fake new originates and goes viral

– Who’s behind fake news and what these adversaries gain

–  How we can prevent becoming victims of fake news

Vera Zakem is a Research Scientist with CNA’s Center for Stability and Development. She specializes in influence and information operations, hybrid warfare, adversary strategic decision calculus, and incorporating development and diplomatic solutions to complex threats in today’s security environment. Earlier in her career, Ms. Sakem has examined how terrorist organizations and state actors influence targeted populations. Ms. Zakem holds an MA from the Johns Hopkins University and is a member of Council on Foreign Relations. Ms. Zakem is a Native Russian speaker

Debriefing the President: The Interrogation of Saddam Hussein

“When I started talking to him, he gave me the same look he had on a book that had sat on my desk for years. Surreal doesn’t come close.”


NixonJohn Nixon, former CIA Senior Analyst & author of “Debriefing the President: The Interrogation of Saddam Hussein”, joins me to talk about his prolonged interrogation of Saddam Hussein after his capture in 2003.


John’s up close and personal interrogation of Saddam Hussein was both fascinating and disturbing. What John encountered upon debriefing the President was even more distressing.



Daniel Monroe, Portland Psychic Medium | Get Your Tickets NOW!!!

Daniel Monroe, Psychic Medium is AH-mazing!! 
If you would like to connect with loved ones that have passed, receive validations that your loved ones are still a part of your life or maybe you would like to connect with your own Angels and Guides – then get your tickets to Daniel’s Gallery Reading on Tuesday, October 11th at the Jupiter Hotel in Portland, Oregon!!
I have personally had a reading with Daniel and he blew me away! Daniel is the real deal, loving, kind and compassionate.  Did I mention he’s only 19?
In case you missed our interview, you can listen here…

Darcelle XV – World’s Oldest Performing Drag Queen

Darcelle_Pressroom_c33zshShe’s a Portland icon, a living legend, and at age 85 she’s the oldest performing Drag Queen!

After nearly 50 years of performing 6 nights a week, Darcelle XV joined Justin Buckles, Danie Ward and yours truly on the Caravan of GLAM Presents to talk about her long career and the changes within the LGBTQ community.

Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry – Season Two 8pm ET/PT on E!

TylerHenryHollywood Medium with Tyler Henry – the breakout his series premiered in early 2016 as E!’s most watched unscripted series launch in three years with total viewer, excluding spin offs – has returned for season 2 on E!.

If you haven’t watched the show, you are missing out!  Tyler, only 20 yrs young, meets with celebrities to deliver readings.  Tyler has no idea who he’s reading until the celebrity opens the door, and even then he very seldom recognizes the celebrity.


Some celebs are believers and open to the reading and others are skeptical and very reluctant to the experience (Boy George!!).

Needless to say,  Tyler is AH-mazing!

Tyler recognizes that his passion, calling and life purpose is to bring clarity and closure to those he is privileged to read. I, myself, am a believer and willingly admit that I have submitted my request for a private reading, when it happens I’ll share my experience here!


It was such a please to talk with Tyler —